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Behind the Scenes: 3D Living Room Visualization in Blender’s EEVEE Render Engine

3d visualization project done in Blender and rendered in cycles
3d visualization project done in Blender and rendered in cycles

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Gachoki here. I’m a self-taught Blender user that started in the 3D world after watching a few awesome blockbuster movies. Specifically, movies Industrial Light Magic (ILM) studios have been involved.

Project inspiration

Today’s project is not a blockbuster but a 3D living room visualization. I wanted to test drive out a few powerful tools introduced to blender 2.83. I also wanted to add something nice to my portfolio.


3D Living room visualizationViewport render

Most of the models in the scene are appended from previous interior render projects I have done. It’s only the floor, walls, windows, and the door that were created afresh. This helped me save a lot of time in the modeling process. If you need free models for interior modeling, you should check out 3D Model Heaven by Greg Zaal.


Most of the materials in this scene are PBR. PBR materials addon by Wolf & Nathan Craddock is a time saver for me when it comes to shading. PBR Materials addon organizes Metals, Dielectrics, and Procedural Textures for an easy to use experience.

Volumetric Lighting and Bloom

To achieve the volumetric light effect, I simply added a cube mesh in the scene and scaled it to the same size as the room. Then used the principled volume node to scatter the light and achieve the god rays. Then added a little bit of bloom to achieve the glowing effect.


I used EEVEE for rendering. EEVEE renders lightning fast compared to Cycles render engine. In this scene, it takes only 11 seconds to render a frame in 1920 by 1080 HD resolution. For a smooth video movement, I render at 60 frames per second.


EEVEE is an amazing render engine once you get a hang of it. It improves your production pipeline tremendously when it comes to rendering your project. Projects that used to take me weeks to render, now take a few hours to a day. If you have any questions, put them in the comment section below. Request for project assistance from one of our professional animators here.

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