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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Animation for Marketing

A 2D cartoon render of an African couple standing in front of a hut in a village
A 2D cartoon render of an African couple standing in front of a hut in a village

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The world today is a fast-paced society where people are overwhelmed with emails, texts, social media, and of course so many ads — they are everywhere — and businesses know this. Smart marketers, know that potential clients want to be entertained, and wooed, not just presented with boring facts.

Question: How do you grab the attention of potential customers, in this highly competitive economy?

Answer: Move with the times or ahead!

There is a growing trend for businesses, and even start-ups gravitating towards using video animation for their marketing and advertising. Animation is an extremely effective and affordable way to boost your business. When utilized effectively, online animated videos can guide customers, explain concepts and products.

The very best part of animated videos is their ability to convey and present information about your business in a fashion that anybody can easily understand. Here are a few reasons as a business owner in Kenya, you could benefit from using animate content in promotion, advertising, and marketing.

1. Animation easily provides a reliable representative for your brand

It’s difficult for a lot of businesses worldwide to find a person who can represent the image of their brand in the right way. When your business creates an animated character from scratch, you can design it any way you want to. But an animated character can be personalized to incorporate the traits and uniqueness of your brand. It can be fine-tuned until it’s a perfect portrayal of your brand. Also, animated characters, can’t succumb to the temptations that a celebrity ambassador may come across. This reduces the risk of your beloved brand, changing to a negative reputation overnight.

2. Animation is timeless

Animated characters never grow old (unless you want them to) and because of this, they’re timeless mascots. You don’t need to worry about actors getting older or re-signing an agreement. An animated ambassador usually stays the same over years and this increases your business familiarity with customers. The same character used again and again can make a lasting impact.

3. Adds uniqueness to a brand

When you create an animated character it’s original and unique. Your avatar will not promote some other brand one day like a celebrity might. Your animated hero has a look and personality that is completely different from anyone else. The originality of a character can go a long way to increasing your Kenyan brand recognition and identity.

4. Choices are limitless

Here at Gachoki Studios, produce advanced computer animation, the sky is the limit. Without any physical boundaries, animation and animated videos can depict scenes that a video camera can’t. Animation can achieve the most unusual special effects and be shown in the most subjective environments with limited concerns about the possibilities. You go to Jupiter or anywhere the imagination takes you.

5. Lowers your production cost

Surprisingly, animated videos can be less expensive to produce as compared to a TV ad. It can be cheaper to produce an animation video than to hire a celebrity and create a video. An animated character is accessible just to about any brand, regardless of their spending budget. In addition, animating an elaborate scene or experience could be more cost-effective than creating it in the real world and filming it in live-action.

Animation can tell a tale or introduce an idea for a potent and dynamic impact on the viewers. Using animated videos as part of your marketing strategy can offer a range of advantages for your campaign and business. These videos can be shared over social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, etc… increasing the odds of creating a viral impact and gaining low-cost wide exposure. By using animation you can grab your audience’s interest and show off new products more effectively. It is a multi-level approach that can save money, time and provide a greater online presence for your company as well. Contact Gachoki Studios, to design your brand Super-Hero right now and let him or her attract your customers.

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