How to Split or Separate an Object in Blender

How to split and separate an object in Blender
How to split and separate an object in Blender

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You have just downloaded a model and imported it into your scene in Blender. You want to animate different parts of the model separately. But there is one small problem. The model was made as one mesh therefore makes it a little complicated when it comes to rigging or animating its components separately.

How do you overcome this? The good news is, that there are several methods you can use to split or separate your mesh into several pieces.

Separate/Split a mesh using the ‘P’ key in Blender

This is among the most popular method used to separate meshes. The following are steps on how you go about it:

  • In Object Mode, select the object you want to split
  • Enter edit mode (press ↹ Tab) key
  • Select the faces you want to separate from the mesh
  • Press ‘P’ key > Selection to separate the selection into a new object
  • A popup will appear with the following options:
    • Selection: This option separates the selection into a new object
    • By Material: Creates separate mesh objects for each material
    • By Loose Parts: Separates the mesh in its unconnected parts
  • In this example, we are going to choose Selection

Now your selected region has been separated from the rest of the mesh and into a new object.

Split a mesh in Blender
Split a mesh in Blender
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