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Online Marketing Tips for Legal Professionals

Online marketing guide for lawyers
Online marketing guide for lawyers

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In today’s competitive market, law firms need to constantly be evolving their marketing strategies if they want to continue to land new business and grow revenues. Gone are the days when superior legal skills and word of mouth were enough to keep clients happy and drum up new business. Clients expect innovation and technological advancement, which applies not only to practicing law but to marketing efforts as well.

In this guide, you will find specifics about what you can do online to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Increase the visibility of your brand on the internet. Make a name for yourself as a go-to firm for all things real estate law, finance law, corporate law, family law, dispute resolution, and litigation.
  2. Generate inquiries that result in an increase in premium consultation
  3. Get ahead of your competition
  4. How to achieve the above without breaking the bank

1. First thing, ensure you have a user-friendly website

Today, a good website is the best way to reach clients. If you don’t already have one, now’s the time to get one. Your website is your 24/7 presence and a way to give your clients information even when you’re not available.

Your website should be clean and easy to navigate, clearly conveying your brand and ways for potential clients to get in touch with you. In addition to a clear mission statement, you should consider having specialized web pages for every service you offer.

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2. Publish quality blog content

Why do I insist on blog content?

  1. The majority of your potential clients are online looking for helpful information depending on the challenges at hand. Give them open answers to their questions to start a mutually beneficial engagement. The easiest method to respond to their questions is to post high-quality blog content frequently. If they require a one-on-one consultation with an advocate, guide them to book an appointment, and the consultation fee required
  2. In a pool of law firms, quality content validates you in the eyes of organizations, corporates, and individuals seeking reliable representation and consultancy. Why? It effortlessly displays your knowledge and experience. Subsequently building trust and a reputable brand. Your content is guaranteed to catch the eyes of procurement committee members, procurement managers, and other decision-makers looking for the best lawyers to engage.
  3. Most of your competition is not doing it. Everybody has a website that displays their area of practice and contacts. Quality content gives you a significant advantage over your competition.
  4. Content is an inexpensive way to reach the masses. As you continue to disperse knowledge through blog content, you will establish a fan base. As a consultant, this puts you in a position where the general public associates you with a reliable source of information on matters of law (social proof).

Quality content does not necessarily require expensive research. Simply share your off-the-hand experience and opinion. There are unlimited interesting topics you can talk about. For example:

  1. In Kenya, what happens when your 99-year land lease with the government expires?
  2. Legal steps not to skip when acquiring a property
  3. Common causes of succession disagreements and how to avoid them
  4. Expensive mistakes to avoid when establishing a company
  5. Legal steps to expect during a divorce
  6. Why sometimes alternative dispute resolutions are preferable to an all-out lawsuit

3. Publish quality video content

Lucky for you, quality video content does not always require you to film from a scenic location. It does not necessarily require a production team.

All you need is a good camera, a good audio recorder, and your professional experience. In the videos, discuss topics relevant to your area of practice. You can invite your colleagues and discuss current affairs on matters of law.

Focus on topics that directly affect most of your clients. This will boost their confidence and trust in you as a lawyer.

Now you have the content, how do you use it for business?

For content to work for you, it has to be consumed by the public. Therefore, it has to

be presented to as many people as possible efficiently and inexpensively. The following are avenues you can use to serve your content to as many audiences as possible:

1. Your Facebook Business Page and groups

Every post and video you share on your Facebook Page and groups should have a link back to

your website. This will generate additional traffic subsequently boosting your SEO.

Plus, it provides your website visitors with an avenue to more quality content on your website.

  1. Using your personal accounts, join Facebook groups related to investment and real estate and Kenyans in diaspora groups. In the groups, share your insightful blog posts with the intent to generate a discussion or educate the members. This will in return generate interest and free traffic to your website.
  2. From the posts that you shared, pick the ones that performed well and boost them to reach even a wider audience.

2. Twitter

  1. Share your posts and videos while leveraging the power of hashtags related to your areas of practice.
  2. Do threads with the intent to educate while leveraging the power of hashtags.
  3. Join Twitter Space discussions where your knowledge and input will be appreciated. Twitter Spaces provide you with a free platform to shine the limelight on your firm

3. Instagram

Instagram is a good platform to share visual content. Here you can share interactive

images and videos while leveraging the power of hashtags. Eventually boosting your

best performing posts to reach a wider audience.

4. YouTube

YouTube is a good platform to share video content. Here you can share interactive videos while leveraging the power of current affairs. Eventually, boost your best-performing videos to reach a wider audience.

5. Send out newsletters

Send monthly or weekly newsletters updating your subscribers on new blog posts. It is an excellent way to build a loyal audience.

Capitalize on good reviews

Like any other business, law firms benefit greatly from positive reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, or LinkedIn. Good reviews from current and past clients are one of the best ways to convince new clients to use your services. Don’t be afraid to directly solicit positive reviews from your current clients. Not only does it help you grow your business with new customers, but the feedback will also help you ensure that you’re offering the best services possible. You should also include some of these positive testimonials on your website.

Every inquiry you get will not always result in a premium consultation. But it can result in a positive review. After assisting your prospective client with valuable information, send them a link to your Google Business profile page to leave a review. Google reviews play a big role when it comes to who ranks first on local SEO.

How regularly should you post?

On average two blog posts and two videos, a week is a good number to get started. As you get used to it, you can increase the frequency. Consistency is key.

How soon should you see the results?

Results are not instant but a process. It all depends on the following three factors:

  1. Quality of your blog content
  2. How often do you post
  3. How often do you share your blog content? The more active you are, the sooner results will be achieved

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