Part 2 – How to animate a car in blender 2.8

How to rig a in car blender 2.83 tutorial

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This is the second and last part of my rig and animate a car tutorial. You need to rig your car first before you continue with this tutorial. To learn how to quickly rig your car, follow this how to rig a car in blender 2.8 tutorial.

  1. Add a plane that you will be using as ground or road.
  2. Make the plane uneven using the displacement modifier
  3. Select the car rig and go to pose mode.
  4. Click ‘N’ to reveal the properties panel
  5. On the rigacar tab, select one picker at a time to select your plane as shown in the video above.
  6. Now when you select the root bone of the car and move it along your plane, it should react to the uneven road.
  7. All that is left to do is baking the steering movement and wheel rotation as in the video above.

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5 months ago

looks good. The narrator’s voice however is a little course, sounds like some mucus is stuck in the throat. check if its the throat or some equipment. It diverts one attention. Otherwise the ida is aesome. I love it.

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