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Clean Up Text Topology in Blender in 1 Minute

Comparison image showing text topology before and after cleanup in Blender. The left side displays messy topology with the text 'BL' having irregular vertices and edges, while the right side shows the same text with a clean, uniform vertex distribution. Below the comparison, a bold orange banner reads 'Fixing Text Topology.
Quick Fix - Clean Up Text Topology in Blender in 1 Minute

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Have you ever created text in Blender, only to find the topology messy and difficult to work with? Don’t worry, fixing text topology can be quick and easy! In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through a simple method to clean up text topology in Blender in just one minute.

YouTube video
Video Tutorial – How To Clean Up Text Topology in Blender in 1 Minute

Clean Up Text Topology in Blender

  • Select your text. Go to Object > Convert > Mesh.
  • When you switch to Edit Mode, you can see the topology is not that good.
  • Switch back to Object Mode. Go to modifiers and add the Remesh Modifier.
  • Set it to Sharp. And deactivate Remove Disconnected.
  • Set the Octree Depth value to around eight.
  • Go to Object Properties and down to Viewport Display.
  • Enable All Edges.
  • Go to Wireframe view by pressing Z and select Wireframe.
  • Go back to the Modifiers tab.
  • Set the Octree value to around 7 or 8, depending on the one that you like. Then Apply.
  • And there you go. Your text topology has been fixed.

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