How to Adjust Undo Steps Limit in Blender

How to increase or decrease undo steps limit in Blender
How to increase or decrease undo steps limit in Blender

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You’ve been working on a mesh or animation in Blender. After doing several hundred actions, you realize you have been going in the wrong direction. You hit Ctrl + Z a bunch of times, but it only takes you back 20-30 steps. All the work you did before the 20-30 steps is lost. This shouldn’t be the case anymore. You need to increase the Blender undo steps limit or the Blender Ctrl Z limit. This will allow you to undo more in Blender and recover your previous work.

In this post, you will learn how to increase or decrease the undo steps limit in Blender depending on your needs and preferences.

NB: Blender’s default undo steps limit is 32. As you increase Blender’s undo steps limit, your computer’s memory usage increases as well. A smaller number of undo steps will conserve memory.

How to increase or decrease the undo steps limit from Blender’s user preference settings

Undo Steps limit setting in Blender
Undo Steps limit setting in Blender
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > System > Memory & Limits
  • The default Undo Steps value is 32. Set the Undo Steps value to your preference
  • Leave Undo Memory Limit at 0 so the memory is unlimited
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2 years ago

Bad idea.
Blender 2.83 Crashes after the limit of moves is reached and hitting CTRL Z will cause nothing trying to hit CTRL SHIFT Z to Redo a move will crash your project. Set the limit to its max (256) to prevent any crashing

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